Meet Eric Zellers

Born and raised in Oklahoma, I am a husband to my amazing wife Lesley and a father to my three children Paisley (8), Ava (6), and Colton (3). I was blessed work as a Civil Engineer for over 10 years and have always felt it was just a training for bigger and better things. As a young pup, my father took me fishing on a regular basis and this is where my passion and love for the outdoors began. From there it grew to hunting or whatever kept me in the outdoors. As I became a father, my avenue to spend time outside has been through gardening with my family. The constant has always been a love for fresh air and the experiences attained by spending time outside.


Through engineering and my surveying background I developed skills that has allowed me to apply a level of professionalism and expertise beyond the average real estate agent.


Being able to connect with people, work in the outdoors, and help all individuals with their land and home real estate needs has become my true calling.  Thank you for considering me and I  look forward to assisting you with all of your Land and Home real estate needs.